4chan Firefox Extension


Here is some information about the extension that you may find useful, including a summery of each of the main features, what they do and how to use the extension.



More Info: 4chan tools page
Current Version: (19nd July 2008)
Requirements: Firefox 1.0.* to 3.0
Download: here
Developer: DamageInc
Credit also goes to: coda, WTSnacks

Known Issues

Some known issues with the latest (and possible previous) version of the extension:


If you have any questions not answerd here, have an idea for a new feature or have found a bug then please direct them to the world4ch thread here: http://dis.4chan.org/read.php/comp/1135134700.

Config Window

The extension has its own config window which contains all of it's options and can be accessed though the extensions window (Tools > Extensions), simply double click on the 4chan extension to open the window.

Config Window


A menu is added to the top menu bar and to the context menu. The menu contains links to the 4chan and world4ch boards, as well as a few handy links. Both of these menus can be disabled though the config window.

Menu-bar Menu

Thread Watcher

Essentially a way to bookmark threads on 4chan's image boards so that they may be easily found again. To watch a thread, click the Yotsuba head icon next to each thread, to the left of the thread title and poster name. The icon will change green. To unwatch a thread click the icon again.

There are two ways in which watched threads are displayed. The first is the inline view, which shows watched thread on the current board in a table to the left of the post form. The second shows all watched threads on the whole site, this is accessed by clicking the "TW" link in the top right of the page.

Thread Watcher Icon

Inline View

Shows the watched threads in the current board. this box can be dragged arround, so that it may be placed anywhere on the page; its position is saved.
Next to each watched thread there are:

Thread Watcher Floating Inline View

Full View

Much the same as the inline view except all watched threads are shown. In this view comments can be added be clicking on an element in the comments column.

Thread Watcher Full View

Quick Reply

This feature adds the ability to reply to a thread without having to click the "Reply" link. A "Quick Reply" link is added to the right of the reply link to the first post of every thread, clicking this opens a small quick reply window which functions the same way as the normal post method.

Quick Reply Buttons

The default username and email address can be set in the config.

Quick Reply Window

A quick reply window can now be added as part of the page, which could be favourable to some.

Inline Quick Reply Window

Quick Quote

A Q button is added next to each post which, when clicked, adds a quote in the form ">><post id>". There are various options in the quick reply tab of the config menu regarding this feature.

Post Expansion

This feature adds a + button to each thread where post are hidden because there are too many replies to show on the board view. Clicking this button loads the replies page in the background and, once finished, adds the hidden replies to the thread. The thread can then be collapsed again, back to its normal state.

Post Expand Button

Post Hiding

This allows posts to be hidden by clicking the - to the left of every thread. Hidden threads are collapsed to show the thread title and poster etc and can be unhidden by clicking the + button in the same place.

Post Hiding

Nav Buttons

^ and v buttons are added to the right of each thread, linking to the previous and next thread. This allows for fast navigation though theads to find the thread you're looking for. Extra space can be added to the bottom of each page though the config.

Nav Buttons